About Angi & Co

Photo: Dana Yu Creative

Photo: Dana Yu Creative

Photo: Dana Yu Creative

Photo: Dana Yu Creative

Photo: Dana Yu Creative

Photo: Dana Yu Creative

Angela Yu Bae

Angie is a mom and wife with a lifelong love of crafting, paper, textiles and all things party planning related. 

With a degree in Communications from Cornell University followed by an Associate Degree in Fashion Design from Parsons, Angie's background spans more than ten years in communications/PR, marketing & product development for companies such as IKEA, Vitra and Maharam. From birthdays to weddings, she has the pleasure of planning special occasions for even the youngest of clients, ensuring that each event is given the same attention to detail and personalization as larger scale corporate events.

Since 2008, Angie has been a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants, the country’s oldest and largest network of wedding professionals, with a designation of Professional Bridal Consultant. She also proudly serves as the Executive Director of Zimele USA, a non-profit that seeks to confront poverty in rural South Africa by empowering women, youth and men to "stand on their own two feet."

When not working, her greatest joy is spending time with her husband and two daughters. Angie can be reached by email at angela@angiandco.com



Linda Lim, Senior Event Designer

Linda is a former Pre-K teacher with eight years of experience working with and teaching young children. Since the summer of 2012, Linda has worked with Angi & Co to help make each event unique with personalized details and touches. Though teaching is still one of her passions, you'll always find Linda utilizing her creativity and eye for details through event planning for Angi&Co.

Linda currently lives in Queens, NY, with her husband, daughter Caitlyn and son, Alexander. She can be reached by email at linda@angiandco.com






Jessica Jeong, Event Designer

With a penchant for all things pretty, Jessica is one of the newest members of the Angi & Co team. Jessica has a degree in Communications from New York University and a background in Marketing/PR.  When she’s not busy planning events, she can be found exploring new places, curating products and taking photos.

Jessica can be reached at jessica@angiandco.com




Marie Lee, Event Designer

While new to Angi & Co, Marie is no newcomer to event planning. She previously worked as By Min Designs and has expertise in paper crafting and decor.

Marie can be reached at marie@angiandco.com

& Co

While "& Co" does stand for Company, and the wonderful individuals who help ensure that each event goes smoothly, it also stands for Collaboration. We take pride in working alongside our clients at every stage of the planning and creative process. And lastly, Co also stands for Cookies. In addition to planning events, you can also find Angie making baking & icing cookies. To see more cookie photos, please visit the cookie gallery, formerly known as Meli & Angi, a custom cookie company based in Northern NJ.